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African Photo Safari

Whether you are just getting started with photography, a wildlife enthusiast, or a professional photographer seeking new adventures, our tailor-made Africa photo safaris are suitable for all levels of photographic experience.

African Photo Safari Experiences

Hosted by professional wildlife photographers, our African photo safari experiences will take you on a journey to some of Africa’s most prolific wildlife areas. Tanzania is viewed as one of the best wildlife-viewing destinations in Africa. The country is famous for its great migration of wildebeest and zebra, the big five and big cats–with countless lions, leopards, and cheetahs.


During our unique wildlife expeditions, you will photograph and discover the diverse wildlife and vivid landscapes of Serengeti, Tarangire and Ngorongoro Crater. Our meticulously created photographic safaris promise (almost) daily encounters with the African Big cats. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to capture the raw emotions of these powerful felines.


Photograph every move of the lions as they stalk their prey while the fastest animal on the land, the remarkable cheetah, chases down its first meal of the day at top speed. As everything unfolds in suspense before your eyes and camera lenses, you will have professional guidance on where to focus and get the best shots of your life with the help of our experienced wildlife photographers.

Whether you are just getting started with photography, a wildlife enthusiast, or a professional photographer seeking new adventures, our tailor-made Africa photo safaris are suitable for all levels of photographic experience.


You will be encouraged to ask questions, try different techniques, experiment with dramatic lighting and learn from each other. Above all, your professional photography host/leader and our seasoned safari guides will ensure you have the perfect vehicle position and maintain a suitable distance from the subject so you can get the best wildlife photos to date!


What to expect from your African photo safari experience

Some of the tour highlights include:

Explore the vast Serengeti—home to the Great Wildebeest Migration

Stay in an excellent selection of intimate tented safari camps and well-appointed lodges that are strategically positioned in the best wildlife viewing areas

Enjoy uninterrupted wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities
Have an opportunity to walk and explore outside the vehicle

Fly the long stretches and enjoy scenic vehicle transfers inside the parks
Enjoy the incredible diversity of wildlife, landscape and culture

What parks will you visit during your African photo safari experience in Tanzania?

Tanzania is best known for its incredible wildlife encounters, particularly cat sightings. Rarely you’ll ever find wilderness with as many lions, leopards, and cheetahs as in Tanzania. You might see hunts because these predators can easily access so much prey. Numerous animals call Tanzania home, and sightings can change daily and from one park to the other.

You might see fifty elephants marching in unison, a herd of giraffes, or a large group of baboons congregating around a single tree. Around the end of October, thousands of wildebeest and zebra gather in the heart of the Serengeti for the annual migration, making for a breathtaking spectacle to see.

There are many national parks to choose from. The most famous ones are Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. Read below why we love them:

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti is one of the world’s most celebrated wilderness areas that offers the best bucket list African photo safari experience. It is renowned for its epic, annual Great Wildebeest Migration, when an estimated two million wildebeests cross the vast plains of the Serengeti into the Masai Mara of Kenya. The sheer numbers of wildlife are captivating, and there is never a shortage of exceptional game viewing.

Ngorongoro Crater

Home to some of the richest wildlife viewing on the continent, the Ngorongoro Crater is one of the most iconic wildlife areas in the world. The mineral-rich floor of the spectacular bowl is primarily flat, open and covered in nutritious grass, making it a paradise for herbivores and predators alike.


A descent into Ngorongoro Crater, in which all year round, is teeming with resident wildlife, including the Big Five African animals (elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards and lions), will ensure that all of your interests and the highlights of a Tanzania safari are experienced during your African photo safari!

Then of course, you have other amazing national parks such as:
  •  Tarangire National Park (which has one of the largest populations of elephants across all of Africa)
  •  Lake Manyara National Park (known for its tree-climbing lions)
  •  Mahale Mountains National Park (rainforest heaven filled with the world’s last remaining wild chimpanzees)
  •  Ruaha National Park and Selous Game Reserve (Africa’s largest game reserve and unspoiled wilderness filled with diverse wildlife and the Big Five safari animals).
  • Mount Kilimanjaro National Park (Africa’s highest mountain and one of the world’s tallest free-standing mountains)


The list goes on and on!

Meet Your Photo Safari Hosts

Originally from Sweden, Karolina Norée is a professional wildlife photographer who fell in love with the African wilderness. Following her dreams, Karolina is now living in South Africa, where she can spend quality time in the bush, photographing extraordinary wildlife at Kruger National Park.


Having an endless passion for photography, Karolina is very excited to be hosting you in some of the most pristine wildlife areas like the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. During the trip, Karolina will be assisting with your photography and post-processing so you can get the most out of your photo safari adventure with us.


We hope you will join Karolina on an exciting African photo safari in Tanzania!

Jenna is a professional animal caregiver based in New York. Working with animals was always her dream job growing up. However, photography has also been a passion of hers since childhood which grew with every new camera and a new destination. There’s nothing that Jenna loves more than exploring and photographing new places, but her heart will always remain in Africa, specifically Tanzania. She is incredibly honored to be able to return to Tanzania and help make your Tanzanian safari life-changing, just like it was to her.


Through her photography, she hopes to inspire people to save wildlife and wild places – around the world. Jenna is also happy to be able to donate a portion of the proceeds from her print sales to support wildlife conservation around the globe.


We can’t wait for you to join Jenna on an exciting wildlife safari and beach experience in Tanzania!

Based in Miami, Kate has been working as a photographer for the last ten years. Kate graduated from the University of Central Florida, where she majored in Hospitality Management and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.


When not photographing families and events in Miami, Kate can be found touring the world, and she has been to 23 countries (and counting)! In addition to working as a photographer, Kate serves as the Program Director for a reputable private school for children with special needs based in Miami.


Kate is very excited to share her passion for wildlife photography with you, and we hope you will join her today!

Deeply in love with Africa, Pedro Abel Adalia is a wildlife photographer and travel guide based in Spain. Since he was a child he has felt a strong human-animal connection, which has led him to portray and share each of these encounters.


When he set foot in Africa for the first time, he felt that he was at home, that all the armour that had protected him for years was no longer needed and all his fears were left on that plane. Since then, he has not stopped fulfilling his promise to portray everything that is alive and beating strongly, “forcing” the human being to protect it and listen to it.


He will accompany you during some of our photo safaris in Botswana and Tanzania, helping you to capture the best scenes with your camera. His role as a photographic guide during the safaris and his artistic and emotional vision of the environment, will make you want to capture every sunset, every elephant encounter and every blade of grass.


In the excitement, beauty, strength and complicity that govern wildlife, perhaps, he can have his place with you! We are excited for you to join Pedro on upcoming wildlife photo safari experiences with us in Tanzania and Bostwana!

Meet Jenna Marie and Jona, a dynamic duo whose passion for storytelling has led them on a remarkable journey across the world.

Jenna Marie brings a wealth of experience from her 10-year background in the veterinary field as a skilled veterinary technician. Her journey led her to an inspiring internship at Hope for Wildlife in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she nurtured her connection with diverse species like foxes, deer, seals, eagles, and many other species native to Canada. Transitioning into a full-time photographer and creative director, Jenna is a passionate advocate for the natural world and wildlife. Her lens captures not just moments but stories, urging others to step out of their comfort zones and explore the wonders of our incredible planet. Jenna firmly believes in the power of her photography to foster appreciation and a commitment to preserve the Earth for generations to come. With an adventurous spirit, she is constantly seeking out the lesser-known corners of the world, sharing authentic narratives through her captivating imagery.


Jona, with a musical background, spent several years as a touring musician. Now a dedicated creative professional excelling in both photography and cinematography, Jona is on a mission to tell stories that capture the true essence of the places he visits. His love for the mountains and hiking is evident in his work, where he thrives in harsh weather conditions, always seeking that perfect shot. Africa has long been a dream for Jona, and now, he’s thrilled to document the beauty of the continent alongside fellow adventurers.


Together, Jenna and Jona have seamlessly blended their creative visions and skills for the past 2.5 years, creating a dynamic duo perfectly poised to guide you through this extraordinary Tanzanian experience. Get ready for an expedition filled with breathtaking landscapes, captivating wildlife, and the magic of storytelling as Jenna and Jona invite you to join them on this once-in-a-lifetime journey to Tanzania to uncover the endless beauty of the Serengeti wilderness filled with lions, elephants, and other magnificent safari animals, colorful birds, and endangered flora!


Top off your adventure safari with much-needed relaxation in the warm crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean, capped with palm trees and the soft white sand beaches of Zanzibar!

Roxy Furman is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer with a passion for documenting stories about animals, conservation, and the natural world. After obtaining a First Class degree in BSc Zoology, Roxy received an MA in Wildlife Filmmaking, then dove straight into a career in filmmaking with Silverback Film’s Earth shot Prize.


Later, she transitioned to working freelance and collaborated with brands, including Jack Wolfskin, Canon, Rolex, LUMIX, WWT, RSPB, and more. Through her work, Roxy aims to raise awareness about the threats our planet is facing and provide hope that we can overcome these issues and take action for a greener, cleaner, and more biodiverse future.


Roxy continues to shine a light on plant-based diets as one of the ways to foster a better future for the environment. Be sure to request our delicious plant-based meals on this trip as a way to pay it forward. By doing so, you will help us reduce our carbon footprint and water consumption whilst supporting habitat preservation.


Roxy will exclusively host a group of like-minded guests on an exciting wildlife photography and conservation experience in Tanzania in November 2023. Limited seats are available for this experience, so reserve yours today!

Based in Colorado, Joanne Matson’s wildlife photography journey began in Kenya over ten years ago. Seeing the country through the eye of a lens brought Africa to a new light, allowing her to share it with others. In 2019, Joanne’s bison image from Yellowstone National Park came in second place in a photography contest through the National Wildlife Federation and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. It is currently on display in Washington DC – making it one of 49 photos from the last 48 years. What a proud moment!


Joanne has been fortunate to capture incredible images in Botswana, Morocco, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Jo’s love for photography continues to grow, as well as her interests in the conservation and protection of wildlife, travel and hiking.


“I have traveled the world, but my heart will always remain in Africa.”

~ Joanne Matson, Colorado USA


Jo is looking forward to sharing her passion for photography and her love for Tanzania with you.

Originally from England, Sophie is a professional photographer, zoo biologist and animal keeper. She has spent time in the UK as a hoofstock and carnivore keeper. Sophie’s passion for the African bush grew during her studies when she first visited Africa and Botswana as part of her course. Throughout her career, Sophie has developed a deep passion for all species, but she especially has a love for the rhinoceros. Her passion has turned into conservation work. Sophie spent 2021 to 2022 living and working in South Africa in a rhino orphanage rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned rhinoceros that have lost their mothers to poaching. 


From the moment Sophie first visited Africa, she felt a sense of belonging and she believes the best way to encourage change and action towards conservation is to experience it and talk about it. She uses her photography to share the stories of her time in the bush as well as raise awareness for endangered species. She hopes that her photography will inspire people from all over the world to appreciate how lucky we are and how they can have a small part in conservation. She is incredibly excited to share her passions with you in Tanzania and to explore a new part of the world and its conservation story.

Why book your African photo safari with us?

Our photographic Africa safari experiences will maximize your time in the field, observing and photographing wildlife. You will have unlimited photographic tips that will be provided during game drives and also back at camp. To provide you with a comfortable game-viewing experience, each vehicle will be limited to just four guests plus a host. You will be provided with custom-made photographic safari jeeps from start to finish.


Whether you join one of our group departures or we customize an African photo safari just for you and your companions, you will be invited into some of the most spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities that Tanzania has to offer.


We also encourage all our host photographers to donate a portion of the funds from the sale of their stunning wildlife prints to help support a conservation project of their choice. Additionally, once the host photographer has opted in to participate in our PRINTS with a PURPOSE program, we will include the details in the host’s itinerary and bio!

the Wito effect


Join us on a mission to conserve and protect Africa’s wildlife & natural world!


It’s been a tough year for Africa, which relies heavily on tourism to support communities and conservation. As a result, we will donate 2% of our trip proceeds to help support a project of our choice. You can learn more about the projects we endorse here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Tanzania safari safe?

Absolutely. Tanzania is considered a safe country to visit in Africa and is regarded as one of the best wildlife-viewing spots in Africa, which naturally provides an ideal destination for first-time safari-goers and seasoned travelers alike.

How much does an African photo safari cost?

When planning a private safari in Tanzania for our guests, we find that each person’s travel style, expectations and budget are different, so we offer a range of accommodation options to suit individual personal preferences. Our all-inclusive African safari experiences start from USD 499 per person per day. It is worth noting that, depending on your itinerary, your lodge cost will make up about 75–85% of your total safari trip cost. 


In short, the total cost of your private-guided safari to Africa will vary depending on many factors, including the particular season you intend to travel, your group size, travel style and other specific travel arrangements.

What is included in my African photo safari?
  • Accommodation as detailed;
  • All food – breakfasts, packed lunches and evening meals during safari;
  • Bottled drinking water, coffee, tea, and breakfast juices are included at all locations;
  • Dedicated private, professional English-speaking safari guide and exclusive use of spacious, customized photographic safari Land Cruisers 4×4 (enclosed with pop-up roof/roll-up canvas for game viewing) from start to finish;
  • Services of qualified local English-speaking guides, drivers, and rangers;
  • Entrance fees for sightseeing, national park concession fees, and camping fees (all national parks);
  • Bean bags for camera support;
  • Free Wi-Fi wherever available, charging stations and a stocked fridge in your Land Cruiser;
  • All government and airport taxes and fees;
  • Emergency evacuation insurance;
What is NOT included in my African photo safari?
  • International and domestic flights;
  • Travel and personal accident insurance;
  • Visa, passport, vaccinations, medicines;
  • Gratuities for airport transfer drivers, safari guides, hotel and camp staff;
  • Expenditure on personal bar bills, souvenirs, and personal items;
  • Optional excursions/activities not detailed in the itinerary;
  • Any additional services requested;
  • Free Wi-Fi wherever available, charging stations and a stocked fridge in your Land Cruiser;
  • All government and airport taxes and fees;
  • Emergency evacuation insurance;
What is the best month to go on an African safari?

The best time to enjoy unparalleled wildlife viewing in Tanzania is during the dry season, from June to October, and even early November. During this time, excellent weather conditions can be expected across the country, and wildlife viewing should be spectacular.


Another major highlight is the migration calving season in Serengeti (December – March), which coincides with good trekking conditions on Kilimanjaro and moderate weather down on the coast. Additionally, this season is perfect for birding as most migrant bird species from Europe and Asia tend to escape the winter and fly to Africa to enjoy the tropical climate. Late May is also a great month to visit Tanzania.


The roads in many parks become inaccessible during the heavy rainy season, so many camps stay closed in April. We do not recommend travelling to Serengeti during the wet season.

What is the best country for African safari?

According to a recent destination survey, Tanzania and Botswana have both come neck-and-neck in the race to number #1. Tanzania is an unparalleled safari destination, setting aside a generous quarter of its surface area for conservation and wildlife protection.


The endless plains of the iconic Serengeti National Park, the world-famous Ngorongoro Caldera “wildlife fishbowl”, and the vast Selous Game Reserve are vital sanctuaries that collectively harbour an estimated 20 per cent of Africa’s large mammal population, including some members of the Big Five safari animals such as elephants, buffaloes and black rhinoceros.

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