How to Get to Tanzania for Your African Safari

Here you will find some useful information on the best flight routes to Africa, our 24/7 on ground support, and tips about what to expect when you arrive for your safari in Tanzania.

Are you looking for the best prices and flight routes to Africa for your safari in Tanzania?

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Safari Tanzania

We can help you determine the best price-effective route for you, prior to your booking. But first, you need to make sure you have a valid travel document or passport at the ready, and you understand the visa application process. You can read more about visa and travel insurance here.

Best Flight Routes to Tanzania

If all you need to do is book your international flight to Africa, we can recommend several reliable and cost-effective options for you! While most of our guests choose DELTA/KLM direct through Europe, other popular airlines are Emirates, Turkish and Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya and Qatar Airways. Please let us know your exact requirements and we’ll do everything we can to meet them. If needed, we can even book a business class flight for you if you’d prefer. Trust us, you’ll be all booked and on your way in no time!

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Information About Your Arrival/Departure and Assistance

For your safari in Tanzania, flights typically arrive and depart via Kilimanjaro International Airport [JRO]. Upon arrival, you’ll find your private driver/guide at the airport, holding a signboard with your last name on it, and a big smile!

Next, he or she will help you gather your belongings and hop into the vehicle for a road transfer to your overnight accommodation in Arusha.

Safari Tanzania

Safari Tanzania FAQ

What type of vehicle is used on my African safari?

We use Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD, fully customized for game driving on African roads, offering maximum wildlife viewing and uninterrupted views of the African wilderness. All our vehicles are perfectly fitted for safari with everything one might need to enjoy game viewing or wildlife photography. Our vehicles offer large windows, inverter charging systems, first aid kits, Simba jack, fire extinguisher, reflector triangles, tool kits, refrigerators and are driven by an experienced individual driver.

Depending on your travel party, we have two types of spacious, luxury Land Cruisers; a 6 passenger seater (extended) and sub-extended 4-passenger seater. With your private safari vehicle and private safari Tanzania guide, there will not be any strangers/new members joining your safari Tanzania unless it has been previously arranged by the people who are traveling with you.

To enhance your experience on safari in Tanzania with us, we also include a tea/coffee basket for your picnic while you are out and about in the bush, bottled drinking water, some snacks and soft drinks!

What language is primarily spoken in Tanzania?

Tanzania has about 120-130 tribes and they are all proud to be unified under the national language, Swahili. The Swahili language has played an essential role in uniting and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere amongst the country’s diverse cultural and ethnic groups. There’s no surprise that Tanzania is known to possess a “proper” spoken Swahili than the rest of East African countries!

Having said that, English is the official second language and is primary language of business and secondary education,

In case of any emergency needs while on safari, how is it communicated to the main office?

With today’s technology, reliable access to communication and information is an important aspect of everything that we do to ensure that you are safe, secured, and assisted with any emergency needs if one were to arise. Your guide will be carrying a radio communication device on the safari Tanzania, cellphone (cellphone coverage and satellite internet access can be intermittent but it is generally available) which helps with keeping daily contact with both our office in Arusha and our North American office, so if there should be an emergency message from your home it would get to you quickly.

Your safety is our top priority. We provide complimentary instant medical evacuation cover (AMREF Flying Doctors Service) for all our guests, throughout their safari trip with us so they can embrace their experience with complete peace of mind.

Can I use my international cellphone number on the safari in Tanzania?

Yes, you can! We recommend you check with your service provider before leaving home regarding international charges and cellphone compatibility in Tanzania. Please note that the cellphone coverage and Wi-Fi service in Tanzania can be intermittent, but it is generally available.

Have more questions?

Please visit our FAQ page for more information or simply email us. We would love to hear from you!

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