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Serengeti National Park

witness the largest migration of wild animals on the planet

A Serengeti safari is a wildlife-rich experience that you will never forget!

Serengeti is undoubtedly the best-known wildlife sanctuary in the world and home to the greatest concentration of safari animals on the planet.


Your Dream Serengeti Safari


A Serengeti safari offers top wildlife viewing all year round. However, planning the best bespoke safari in Serengeti National Park requires in-depth destination knowledge and an understanding of the migratory wildlife movements, which together play a vital role in making your safari unique and memorable.


Serengeti National Park is undoubtedly the best-known wildlife sanctuary in the world and is home to the greatest concentration of savannah wildlife in Africa. Endless plains dotted with acacias meet lush forests and dense bush around the Grumeti River, playing host to one of the oldest ecosystems on earth. The resident population of lions, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, wildebeest, zebras and hyenas – not to mention the birds – never disappoints and with such an unparalleled volume of wildlife, you’re bound to stumble upon something spectacular around every corner.


Explore the Great Wildebeest Migration on a Safari in Serengeti

Perhaps the most breathtaking spectacle of all is the Great Migration. Over a million wildebeest and more than 200,000 zebras move south from the northern hills to the southern plains for the short rains every October and November and then travel west and north after the long rains in April, May and June. Finally, the herds arrive at the Mara River in the northern Serengeti around July. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness some dramatic yet fleeting Mara River crossings. Your patience and our experienced guides will be the perfect ingredients to give you the best chance of seeing the vast herds in action, wherever point they are on their epic journey. We can guarantee you a front-row seat to one of the best wildlife shows on earth! 


Serengeti Lion Population, Conservation & Film Projects

Two world heritage sites and two biosphere reserves have been established within the 30,000 km² Serengeti National Park. Its unique ecosystem and unrivalled beauty have captured the imagination of writers, filmmakers, photographers and scientists alike, inspiring some of the most creative and innovative minds throughout history. Experience it for yourself and feel your soul come alive!


What to Expect From Your Safari in Serengeti National Park

Home to the largest migration of land animals on the planet and approximately 500 different species of colourful birds – big and small, the Serengeti is the world’s most awe-inspiring destination for safaris in Africa. Although the Serengeti National Park is larger than the state of New Jersey, sightseeing in the Serengeti is simple.


Animals constantly move with the rain and gather in different places depending on the season. With nearly two million animals on the move, this is the well-known wildebeest migration. Predators do not stay away from herds. They follow every move, aside from hyenas and vultures that wait for the migration to pass through their region so they can gain weight by feasting on the plentiful prey. Wildebeest and zebra make up the initial view. But, after moving your gaze a short distance, in the vicinity of kopjes, rocky outcrops that resemble the characters from The Lion King, live lions. You can frequently see these spotted cats on a hunt, and leopards and cheetahs are simple to spot in the low grass. There will be areas of grass that are deserted and devoid of animals. Then, after crossing a ridge, tens of thousands of grazers will be scattered across the plains, filling the air with their odors and sounds. While zebra gather in herds with black and white stripes, wildebeests will rut and gallop enthusiastically.



Serengeti Wildlife & Birds – what to see on Serengeti safari

While visiting the Serengeti during the annual Great Migration is an unforgettable experience, there is more to see than just following the migratory wildlife. The rolling grasslands of the Serengeti are home to 4,000 lions, 1,000 leopards, 225 cheetahs and 3,500 hyenas. On your game drives, you will see all the Big Five safari animals, such as elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, zebras and impalas. Keep an eye out for endangered wild dogs, pangolins, and even the oryx.


Waterholes and rivers along the Grumeti, Bolongonja and Kogatende are also well worth a stop-off as they are vital habitats for hippos, waterbirds, fish and crocodiles. The start and end of each day in Serengeti National Park will offer you a unique safari experience.


Birds of Serengeti National Park

A birdwatcher’s paradise, the park is home to more than 500 species, including those that have migrated from Europe, Asia, the Australian rim and Madagascar. Though birds can be seen all year round, the best time for bird-watching is during the calving season (February), when the vegetation will also be at its most luscious.


Ready to start planning a tailor-made safari to Serengeti National Park? Our experts make planning your Tanzania safari experience a walk in the park. To help you with trip planning, browse our travel guide to find expert advice on safari in Serengeti. Get inspired with our sample itineraries and let our Wito experts customize a dream trip just for you! 

Want to experience a breathtaking wildlife safari in Serengeti National Park? Here are the best months to go.


The best time to enjoy unparalleled wildlife viewing in Serengeti National Park is during the dry season, from June to October, and even early November. December to March and late May are also amazing months to visit the Serengeti. During this time, excellent weather conditions can be expected across the country, and wildlife viewing should be spectacular.


Some of the roads in Serengeti become inaccessible during the heavy rainy season, so many camps stay closed in April. We do not recommend travelling to Serengeti during the wet season.



How to get to Serengeti National Park?

The park is easy to access from Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Masai Mara, Rwanda, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar by light aircraft. Moreover, one can also drive to/from Serengeti, below are approximate driving times:

  • Arusha to Serengeti: 6-7 hours drive
  • Ngorongoro to Serengeti: 2.5-3 hours drive
  • Lake Manyara to Serengeti: 3.5-4.5 hours drive
  • Tarangire to Serengeti: 4.5-5.5 hours drive


Since Serengeti is a bit far away from Selous and Ruaha, we recommend you take a quick flight if you wish to explore both parks.


This is what your typical safari in Serengeti National Park would look like:

In the early morning, you will enjoy private game driving with your professional safari guide and vehicle. Our game drives are flexible depending on your preferences, so feel free to start your daily safari anytime you want.


Choose to roam Africa’s wide-open wilderness from dawn to dusk on a full-day game drive or enjoy a daily dose of morning and afternoon game drives, followed by a delicious hot lunch and a lion-like siesta! If you prefer to do a full-day game drive, we will provide you with a packed lunch so you can break whenever you would like to enjoy a classic safari picnic lunch made with locally sourced, fresh ingredients.


After a full-day safari in Serengeti National Park, you will be taken to your handpicked safari camp or lodge, where you will unwind and savour some delicious food and sundowners.


Finally, to enhance your tailor-made safari in Serengeti National Park, why not try going on a once-in-a-lifetime hot air balloon ride? The balloon ride will allow you to enjoy a unique perspective of wildlife and endless plains from a bird’s eye view


Ready to start planning? Select your preferred time to travel, then let a Wito Africa safari expert create an itinerary that meets your needs for a safari and incorporates the highlights of that season. We can save you time, money, headaches and heartache by helping you plan your dream safari. To start planning your safari in Serengeti, please call us at 1-315.805.4040 or send our safari experts a message via email.

How to Plan Your Wildlife Safari in Serengeti National Park Like a Pro


There are many factors to consider when planning a safari to Serengeti National Park, home to the annual migration of wildebeests and zebras. Start by gathering enough information to help you decide on the best destination.


The Serengeti and the Masai Mara form a single, simple yet intricate ecosystem, which is being connected by the great wildebeest migration. Today, you can cross the international border and travel around the habitat’s northern Tanzanian side. Here, the landscapes are even more open and expressive because they stretch for hundreds of miles without interruption. If size matters, the Serengeti is vast! It is almost nine times larger than the Masai Mara. Therefore, you have a massive wildlife-filled area to explore and game drive. The sense of wonder is sublime whenever the largest concentration of animals on the planet surround your safari vehicle. 


It is possible to combine the Serengeti safari with gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Zanzibar, and south parks on a ten-to-fourteen-day trip thanks to safari flights’ quick and direct connections. Depending on your itinerary, you can start your Serengeti National Park safari from Arusha, Zanzibar, Masai Mara, Dar es Salaam or Rwanda.


If your safari begins anywhere in northern Tanzania, such as the Serengeti, or if you are flying in for the northern safari circuit, Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA/JRO) is the best airport to use. Another gateway to take into account if you want to combine a safari in Tanzania with time spent in Zanzibar or other east African nations is Arusha (ARK). If your safari is in southern Tanzania, think about flying into Dar es Salaam (DAR).



Deciding which reliable tour operator (s) to use for your dream African safari experience is not an easy task. With a sea of general online tour operators, it is hard to find the ONE that truly speaks to your discerning tastes and genuinely understands your travel needs and expectations.


During the dry season, Serengeti has so much to offer. We suggest you spend at least three nights in this lovely park. There will be morning and afternoon game drives on your private safari. As the cats pursue the migration, leaving at sunrise will give you the best chance of seeing a live hunt. If you get close enough, you can hear lions roaring as they chase after scavengers after a kill or hear jaws crunching into the carcasses. With a private safari, you can choose where to have a picnic lunch while overlooking hippos or take a hot air balloon ride early in the morning. With a Serengeti safari, location is everything. By staying in a mobile camp among the herds, there will be less driving and more opportunities for close encounters with all the wildlife.


To get the most out of your wildlife-filled safari adventure, we recommend combining your visit with the nearby Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire or Lake Manyara (you’ll get a very different safari experience in terms of scenery). Give yourself at least two full days for each of the added parks. By doing so, you will be able to maximize your wildlife viewing whilst minimizing the long drives between the parks.


Similarly to many other national parks in Tanzania, Serengeti National Park offers a unique setting for safari-goers to stay inside the park. You’ll stay in some of the most charming safari camps and lodges, where you will unwind and enjoy delicious food and sundowners.


With several accommodation options to choose from, we can guarantee that your safari experience will be meticulously created just for you with your specific interests, travel style and schedule. Everything will be tailored to your preference, allowing you to enjoy a perfect balance of comfort, adventure and maximum wildlife viewing. We will only recommend the places we have stayed in and inspected thoroughly, and we can guarantee you will be safe.


If you want to explore the beauty of Serengeti on game drives, we highly recommend using qualified local safari guides. With our personalized trips, you will have control over your experience and enjoy all the flexibility you need to plan your daily game drives with your private safari guide.


You can decide when to start your trip and how long your daily game drives should last, as long as it is within the time set by the national park authorities (the park gates usually open at 06h00 and close at 18h30). Ultimately, you will have an opportunity to choose what you would like to do, when you would like to start your private safari trip, and where you would like to go. 


At Wito Africa, we do not limit game drives by restricting drivers on the mileage they can travel per day. Therefore, we are happy to offer you an extensive all-day private game drive with a picnic lunch break between your game drives.


As a standard offering for all our experiences, we provide all meals, bottled drinking water, tea/coffee and juices at breakfast for the duration of your safari. We can accommodate all kinds of dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, halal, and kosher to pescatarian.


Moreover, bottled drinking water and soft drinks will be readily available throughout your safari experience with us. We have a stocked mini-fridge in the vehicle that will cool drinks whilst you enjoy your uninterrupted wildlife viewing from the comfort of your customized safari jeep.


Our unique approach to offering a stress-free safari experience starts with ensuring that you are well-informed about the specific requirements of the country you visit in hopes that you’ll know exactly what to expect. Understanding how a safari operates, what is involved before and during, and what key points to consider when booking ensures an unforgettable safari adventure. Topics like when to visit, how to get there, and what to pack are addressed by safari experts. 

Plan Your Dream Safari Like a Pro.


Firstly, explore our website for itinerary inspiration.


Then, tell us the specifics of your perfect trip. In general, a quick call works the best!


Finally, review your perfect trip and Go!

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Planning the best safari in Serengeti is a matter of being in the right…
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Ultimately, you will choose exactly what you’d like to do, when you would like to start your private safari trip, and where you’d like to go. 

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At Wito Africa Safaris, giving our customers unbiased advice and exceptional safari experiences is what we live and breathe. Our Africa safari experts are well-traveled and have in-depth first-hand knowledge of the places they suggest. To make sure these offerings live up to the expectations of our guests, the experts at Wito Africa routinely inspect new lodges, experiences, and activities. Nothing beats current, pertinent travel advice obtained directly from a local expert. The Wito Africa 'dream team' will be there for you every step of the way to ensure that even your smallest needs are met and no detail is overlooked, so you can embrace your experience with complete peace of mind.

Expert Safari Knowledge

Our expertise is unique as we grew up in the safari industry in Africa, we know our home like the back of our hands. We can't wait to share it with you!

Stress-Free Travel

With our 24/7 reliable logistical support on the ground in Africa, your experience with us (from start to finish) will always be worry-free!

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You will never have to worry about what to pack for your African safari, how to obtain your visa and which flight route is the best - we’ll take care of everything for you!

Want to focus on your wildlife photography & filmmaking?

Get the best shots of your life with the help of our experienced wildlife photographers. Whether you are just getting started with photography, a wildlife enthusiast, or a professional photographer seeking new adventures, our tailor-made Africa photo safaris are suitable for all levels of photographic experience. Hosted by professional wildlife photographers from start to finish, we will take you on a journey to some of Africa’s most prolific wildlife areas.


Women’s Tanzania Wildlife Safari

Planning the best safari in Serengeti is a matter of being in the right…
$5509 $5360

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Planning the best safari in Serengeti is a matter of being in the right…
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Just for you, we have hunted out the very best lodges, villas, camps and even treehouses in Tanzania to suit every budget, itinerary and personal preference. Trust us – you’re going to be spoilt for choice! An awe-inspiring setting is just the beginning… Every one of our recommended accommodation options will blow you away with personal service, attention to detail and various levels of luxury.

andBeyond Serengeti Under Canvas

This is one of the transient camps in the Serengeti. We recommend this mobile to clients who want to plan their trip around seeing the Great Migration. The tented camps move around the park at different times of the year as the guides try to track and anticipate the movements of the herds to give you the best chance of catching all the action.


Although this may sound like roughing it and ready, these mobile camps are surprisingly luxurious and well-equipped, with spacious, private tents and en suite bathrooms. More rustic elements, such as the al fresco showers, are reminiscent of a classic safari, but this is simple camping with a touch of glamour.

Osero Mobile Camp - Lamai Serengeti

Osero Exclusive Mobile Camp is the newest addition to the TopGuides Bush Camps portfolio. With just seven tents, we have stayed true to our signature boutique style, with attention to every detail and personal touch in all we do.

Osero Mobile Camp can offer you the best of two worlds: the splendor of the Northern Serengeti while the Migration explodes back and forth across the majestic Mara River – and the vast, verdant plains of Southern Serengeti while the herds amass for calving season.

Osero is designed solely for exclusive use, guaranteeing privacy, intimacy and the warm hospitality that characterizes any TopGuides experience. We are proud to have created an elegant tented bush home that opens you up to Nature while surrounding you with creature comforts and luxurious touches.


Our team is there just for you, waiting to anticipate your every need and ensuring each day is tailored to your wishes. Whether you’re ready to hop out of bed before sunrise for a day of exploring or you’d like to cozy up with a book and a hot tea, we’re here to give you what you need. Anything is adaptable to make your dream African safari trip come true.

Nyikani Central Serengeti Camp

Nyikani Camp Central is located in the heart of the Serengeti taking advantage of the year-round wildlife, Serengeti is Tanzania’s most renowned national park and home to the most significant concentrations of large mammals on the planet. The migratory herds of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles roam widely in search of green grass and water. The name Serengeti is derived from the Maasai name ‘Siringet’ meaning ‘endless plains, and these rolling distances of short grass plains provide an exceptional landscape for wildlife viewing; your ultimate safari country.


was formerly known as Kiota Camp


Camp is permanently located in Central Serengeti

A 20-minute drive from Seronera Airstrip

Special campsite name: Banagi Hill

GPS Coordinates:

2°19’48.50″ S 34°49’10.20″ E

Ubuntu Camp

In Swahili, ‘Ubuntu’ means kindness and generosity towards others – and this small and intimate camp certainly lives up to its name. The close-knit team of friendly staff and experienced guides ensure that warm hospitality, great food and a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere remain at the heart of Ubuntu Camp.


The open-plan main area spills into the surrounding wilderness – impressive views of the landscape stretch to the horizon. Here you can fall into a book or spend a lazy afternoon watching wildlife on the sprawling plains.


Breakfast and lunch are served under canvas in the dining tent mere steps away, and dinner is often enjoyed under the stars beside the glowing embers of the campfire to the soundtrack of the Serengeti’s nocturnal animals.

Singita Mara River Tented Camp

Situated in the northernmost tip of the Serengeti National Park, Lamai Triangle, Tanzania, Singita Mara River Tented Camp offers guests the chance to spend time in this stunning yet remote area, with one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in the Serengeti National Park.


With endless views of the Mara River, the camp was built to have a minimal impact on the environment whilst providing guests with an intense closeness to nature.


The camp accommodates up to 16 guests in 6 luxury tents. Two of these, known as the family tents, consist of two tents that are joined by a short covered walkway with a shared deck. The tents are being designed in a bohemian-chic style incorporating lots of light and natural materials, with all the quality you would expect from a ‘Singita’ property. Design features include en-suite outdoor bathrooms with a viewing section in the screen wall to allow for beautiful views from the bathtub.


The camp is closed in March & April when there are long rains (good grass and game viewing after this). Otherwise, this area is superb throughout the rest of the year. There is prolific game viewing in the Serengeti National Park from June until March, with the best months for the migration being July to November.

Sayari Camp Serengeti

Sayari has been carefully designed to include two mess areas, so you can always find a tranquil, intimate spot to relax and enjoy attentive personal service. Each has a peaceful lounge and stylish indoor and outdoor dining areas. Framed by natural rock formations, the infinity pool has impressive Serengeti views – it is the perfect spot to spend a lazy afternoon gazing out over the game-filled plains.


In the evenings, retire to the warmth of the fireplace or the quiet library with a whiskey and share safari tales late into the night. After relaxing in superb comfort in the world’s premier wildlife reserve, you’ll be rested and ready for all the exciting adventures that unfold the next day.

Lemala Nanyukie

Lemala Nanyukie is located a 45-minute drive east of the Seronera Airstrip. The lodge is nested on a grassy savanna dotted with rocky kopjes and shaded by ancient giant acacia trees, offering outstanding views across these fascinating ‘endless plains’.
With canvas walls, cathedral-like tented ceilings and broad hardwood decks, guests at Lemala Nanyukie can expect a light contemporary décor in a palette of dazzling whites and neutral colours, with warmth introduced by textured accessories, luxurious upholstery, wooden furnishings, and well-executed lighting.

The main double-volume area will feature a comfortable lounge and bar, an outdoor viewing deck leading to a refreshing swimming pool, and indoor and outdoor dining areas. A separate spa tent among the trees offers secluded relaxation.

The 15 luxurious guest tents are spaced well apart for maximum privacy—five have extra day beds. Triples can be accommodated, and the two-bedroom is perfect for families or friends. Features include an oversized bed, spacious lounge, and generous bathroom with double vanity, shower and free-standing bathtub. The delightful wooden deck has sunken seating, an outdoor shower and a stunning corner plunge pool with views directly across the majestic grasslands of the Serengeti.

This area of the Serengeti is not only crossed by the thrilling wildlife spectacle of the annual wildebeest migration but also has high-density game-viewing at all times and is well-known for its large concentration of cats. The Lemala Nanyukie will be open year-round, offering safari activities like game drives and walks will be accompanied by highly-knowledgeable and experienced guides.


Details and Amenities

With canvas walls, cathedral-like tented ceilings and broad hardwood decks, guests at Lemala Nanyukie can expect a light contemporary décor in a palette of dazzling whites and neutral colours, with warmth introduced by textured accessories, luxurious upholstery, wooden furnishings, and well-executed lighting.

  • The 15 luxurious guest tents (13 standard suites + 1 x 2 bedroomed suite) are spaced well apart for maximum privacy—five have extra day beds. Triples can be accommodated, and the two-bedroom room is perfect for families or friends.
  • Features include an oversized bed, spacious lounge, and generous bathroom with double vanity, indoor and outdoor showers and free-standing bathtub.
  • The delightful wooden deck has sunken seating, an outdoor shower and a stunning corner plunge pool with views directly across the magnificent grasslands of Serengeti.
  • The main double-volume area features a comfortable lounge and bar, an outdoor viewing deck leading to a refreshing swimming pool, and indoor and outdoor dining areas.
  •  Lemala will arrange special meals like bush breakfasts and lantern-lit dinners, and the campfire is perfect for a post-dinner drink and sharing tales about the day on safari.
  • A separate spa tent among the trees offers secluded relaxation.
Lake Masek Tented Lodge

We particularly recommend this camp to clients who are traveling to the southern Serengeti between December and April, as you’ll have a good chance of seeing the momentous wildebeest migration passing through.


The Big Five are present all year round, making it a great spot to visit, no matter your travel plans. We love that the camp is eco-friendly, making minimum impact on this precious environment. You will find electric power is generated by solar panels, water is collected during the rainy season, and only biodegradable products are used throughout. Additionally, the rooms are comfortable and classy, offering stunning views over the lake.

Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge

Located in one of the essential migration areas, this is one of the mid-range properties we highly recommend for those who prioritize an all-year-round game viewing and are keen to see the big cats. It has a chic, contemporary African style, offering spacious and comfortable en suite tents.


It’s great for clients who want something intimate and affordable, promising premium comfort in the heart of the African bush. Food and wine connoisseurs will be in their element with the gourmet delights on the menu in the main restaurant, and the luxurious swimming pool is the finishing touch.

Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge

This is one of our luxury recommendations for those who don’t want to cut some corners. Located on the main corridor of the wildebeest migration, Lemala Kuria Hills gives you a high chance of seeing this natural spectacle between June and October. Close to the Mara River, you can guarantee one of the best seats in the house for witnessing a fleeting and frenzied river crossing.


Everything about the site has been carefully thought out, including positioning the tents for maximum privacy. We would describe the lodge as stylish and contemporary, with an authentic African heartbeat.


For us, the best thing about it is the brilliant team that will make you feel right at home. They will prepare and serve freshly cooked meals, afternoon tea before your game drive, and cocktails at sunset, and if you want to enjoy an unforgettable bush dining experience, they will make this happen, too. There is even a laundry service, so you don’t need to lift a finger! You’ll have everything you could hope for, a private plunge pool, and all drinks and WiFi are included. The lodge even offers some triple rooms, which is excellent for those traveling with kids.

Mkombe’s House Lamai

We love the clean and contemporary style of this House, designed by Joanna Cooke. It manages to be both stunningly beautiful and warmly welcoming, inviting you to make yourself at home.


This property offers a perfect option for families as it is fully self-contained and can sleep up to four adults and six children with no age restrictions. Mkombe’s House even provides cots, highchairs and car seats so you can travel light. Meals are planned with the in-house chef daily, so you and your family can be flexible and enjoy a wide range of fresh produce and tasty dishes.


This is ideal for kids, and it takes the pressure off parents so you can relax and enjoy your stay. Outside areas include a plunge pool and a large swimming pool against the backdrop of the northern Serengeti.

AndBeyond Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge

Located in the remote western reaches of the Serengeti National Park, expect an exclusive Serengeti safari experience complete with resident hippo pods and the pride of lions.


Flawlessly situated on the banks of a tributary of the Grumeti River, in the secluded western parts of the Serengeti National Park, &Beyond Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge shares breathtaking views and unusual sightings.


Due to its far-flung location, there are very few lodges in this secluded part of the park, allowing for an intimate and exclusive Serengeti safari experience. During the twice-daily game drives, you will often encounter a considerable pride of lions, clans of hyenas, and big herds of resident plains game. You will also see amazing black-and-white colobus monkeys, only found in this section of the Serengeti.


Using the natural bow shape of the river and paying homage to the circular forms of a traditional Maasai manyatta, the Grumeti Serengeti Lodge unfolds to reveal an understated sense of luxury. Adorned with Kitenge fabrics and accentuated with stone walls, the property also features the vibrant colours of the fishing communities surrounding Lake Victoria and the grey tones representative of hippo hide that have been beautifully woven into deeply comfortable furnishings and bespoke, hand-made fittings.

Upon arrival, walking into the guest area is a real ‘wow’ moment. Spacious decks are perfect for enjoying sundowners overlooking the river, and the lodge’s sparkling rim-flow swimming pool provides a view of the seasonal hippo pods below. The proximity to water draws a profusion of wildlife day and night.


Touching the earth lightly and seemingly floating across the landscape, ten nostalgically elegant and very spacious guest Suites offer natural light, an enormous bed, bath, an indoor shower (with a spectacular view), and a private plunge pool. A Family Suite, with the addition of a small-sized children’s bedroom, offers adventurous families the unique opportunity to explore the African bush together.


Celebrating the local culture and cuisine, become immersed in the lodge’s exquisite meals, from breakfast to dinner. Much-loved and well-known breakfast trays, complete with freshly-squeezed juices and house-baked bread, are not to be missed, while the interactive kitchen creates a space for guests to work alongside chefs and plan their menus for the day. The traditional boma, a hero of night-time dining, serves a selection of artisanal pizzas and salt-crusted, whole-baked fish, which pays homage to the region’s great lakes, among many other delicious meals. Enjoy convivial afternoons and evenings around the central circular bar – a masterpiece of woven fabrics and dramatic glass ball light installations.


If you are looking for an active workout session, you can head to the gym. On the other hand, if you feel like a pamper session, you can surrender to in-room African wellness treatment.

Lahia Tented Camp

Strategically situated in the centre of Serengeti National Park’s Western Corridor, Lahia Tented Camp offers easy access to the area’s main attractions, including the Maasai kopjes, the Olduvai Gorge Museum, the Seromera Valley and the Grumeti River. The camp features 25 rooms, all with en-suite facilities. Additional amenities include a communal lounge, a restaurant and an outdoor swimming pool with landscape views of the Serengeti.

Singita Serengeti House

Singita Serengeti House, an exclusive-use retreat designed for families and friends, has opened in the 350,000-acre Grumeti Reserves in the heart of the Serengeti in northern Tanzania.


Located on the slopes of Sasakwa Hill with breathtaking vistas of the endless, open plains of the Serengeti, the house is Singita’s response to the growing demand from discerning travellers for privacy and flexibility. With that in mind, the day-to-day pace and rhythm of the vacation, itineraries, activities, and meals are tailor-made and tweaked as guests dictate, according to their interests and needs.

Namiri Plains Camp

With your closest neighbour over an hour’s drive away, you’d be excused for feeling like you have the eastern Serengeti all to yourself. Namiri Plains’ upgraded design maximises views of the seasonal riverbed in front of the camp. Offering ten spacious rooms with full-length decks, Namiri Plains Camp provides the perfect setting to view wildlife from your room or the outdoor bath on the deck. This secluded region of the eastern Serengeti is the ultimate African Big Cat territory. A few months a year, the Great Migration herds fill the plains close to camp on their way to begin calving in the south.

Sametu Serengeti Camp

From a bird’s eye view, the luxurious suites of Sametu Camp create a majestic shape of a bird flying across the pale-yellow grass. Sametu’s well-renowned panoramic scenery of the Serengeti will leave you breathless as you set your eyes upon its resident wildebeest, zebra, antelope, and elephant grazing alongside the suites lazily, enjoying the safety the lodge has to offer from prying eyes like those of lions and cheetahs, who only show early in the morning before the sun rises and at nighttime.


The lodge welcomes you to its 15 luxury suites that can accommodate a family group comfortably, where you can enjoy the scenic thrill over a bush meal, sipping wine whilst sundowning, and balloon safaris.

Mwiba Lodge

A recent addition to Tanzania’s high-end accommodation offerings, this private and luxurious riverside lodge has been carefully designed to capitalize on its stunning location and surrounding views. Very close to the Ngorongoro Crater, it’s great for clients who want to minimize travel and make the most of their time for wildlife viewing. Not only that, but the lodge includes a massive 51,000 acres of wildlife reserve that is exclusively accessible to guests, so if you want to escape the crowds but still be sure of some excellent game action all year round, this is a top pick for you.

With only eight suites in such a vast game reserve, this is one of the most exclusive and personalized properties in Southern Serengeti, making it a perfect choice for honeymoons and intimate getaways.

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