Tips On How To Prepare For Your Dream African Safari and Beach Holiday

Going on an African safari or beach holiday requires planning and pre-travel preparations. When planning a trip to Africa yourself, you are often travelling to countries that are new to you, with requirements and regulations that you are not used to. You will likely be staying in hotels you don’t know, and you might get the visa but forget the travel insurance or yellow fever vaccination. You might pack for winter when it is summertime in Africa. Not knowing what to expect can turn your once-in-a-lifetime into a complete disappointment!

But when you allow us to plan a trip for you, we guarantee that your African safari and beach holiday experience will be meticulously created just for you with all your specific interests, travel style and schedule. Above all, everything will be tailored to your preference, allowing you to enjoy a perfect balance of luxury, adventure and maximum wildlife viewing.

What Should You Pack For Your African Safari and Beach Holiday?

Lucky for you, when we are in charge of your safari planning, you will never have to worry about what to prepare, how to pack for your African safari and beach holiday (what to wear), how to obtain your visa or which flight route is the best!

Africa is a huge continent with diverse seasons, cultures and lifestyle which would play an essential role on how one would pack for their trip. But for us, Africa is our home. We have been on many safaris ourselves and have firsthand destination knowledge on all things safari, how to pack and prepare for your trip, and yes Africa!

Naturally, if you choose to have us help you plan the perfect trip for you, we are able to provide you with more realistic expectations on how to pack and prepare for your dream vacation with us.

Our Personalized African Safari and Beach Holidays

So, as part of our unique approach to offering a stress-free African vacation, we send all our guests personalized information that will help them prepare well for their African safari or beach holiday experience with us.

This important information will include everything from obtaining your visa online, finding the best international flights and routes to Tanzania, getting vaccinations and travel insurance, and even our tried-and-tested best tips on what to pack and take on an African safari or beach holiday.

Where Can You Get Consultation For Your Travel Vaccines?

Health & Medical Tips:

Every country has different requirements when it comes to vaccinations and medication for travelers, and these can sometimes change at short notice. While Wito Africa Safaris cannot prescribe medication or vaccinations, we will ensure that you are well informed about the specific requirements of the country you visit. We will provide you with all important information about the on-going and ever-changing landscape of health and safety measures that guests and local hosts need to adhere to before arriving at the intended destination, during the trip and after the safari.

We advise you to consult your primary care physician or a travel medical specialist about your specific destination(s) before you go. In some cases, it may be necessary to consult with your doctor after your travels as well. To help you understand the details you need to discuss with your doctor regarding recommended vaccinations and medication for travel to Tanzania and Zanzibar, here is a link to the Center for Disease Control’s website.

Is Your African Safari and Beach Holiday Insured?

Just to be on the safe side, we work with Travel Guard to provide comprehensive travel insurance to protect your travel investment. If interested, call us for a quote (please note that we can only generate a quote once your deposit has been received). Ultimately, travel insurance is highly recommend before you depart on your African safari and beach holiday.

African Safari and Beach Holiday | How to Pack [List] | Wito Africa Safaris

Need a Visa? Learn How to Easily Obtain One Here!

Tourist visas can easily be obtained online or upon arrival at any point of entry into Tanzania. Having said that, we also understand that obtaining travel visas can seem intimidating, especially for first time travellers. If you feel you need a little extra guidance, please contact our Canadian-based visa experts or U.S. visa specialists.

African Safari and Beach Holiday | How to Pack [List] | Wito Africa Safaris

Should You Have Our Ultimate African Safari and Beach Holiday Packing List? It's FREE!

Created by our experts, tried and tested by many of our past clients, this must have safari packing list will guide you toward selecting the right safari clothing and gear to ensure that you are well prepared before your trip to Africa. Rest assured, with our ultimate safari packing list you will be able to pack with confidence for your African safari or beach holiday to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Mozambique, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

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