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Are you looking to get inspired to go on our African tours, treks and beach escapes? Is an African safari on your bucket list? If so, perhaps you are like most people who enjoy dreaming about the next big adventure first before starting to plan, book and eventually go on a dream vacation. Well, you are invited to start daydreaming with us…


The Best Sample African Tours, Treks, Safaris & Beach Experiences to Get You Inspired For Your Travel in 2022

At Wito Africa, we know very well just how precious a first safari can be to people who haven’t had the chance to see wildlife in their natural habitat. All of our unique, tailor-made safaris, activities and beach vacations are meticulously created for YOU around the richness of the African wildlife, diverse landscapes, and picturesque white sand beaches, catering to the unique needs of even a seasoned adventurer. 

We have arranged many unique tours to Africa for discerning travellers just like you. We always ensure that our guests enjoy a stress-free planning process, honest expert advice, reliable on-ground support (24/7) and excellent customer service. Whether you want to experience the thrilling adventures of the great wildebeest migration, encounter the last remaining wild chimpanzees, explore authentic local cultures and cuisine, conquer the highest peak of Africa (Mount Kilimanjaro), or simply rejuvenate on the white sand beaches of Zanzibar, we can take care of everything for you from start to finish. NOW is the best time to start planning your next big vacation to Africa, so get in touch TODAY!

Free service – no credit card required

Wito’s Africa Top Picks – A list of best Africa tours and safaris, treks & all-inclusive beach experiences, just for you!

Wito Africa Tours & Beach Experiences

The Wito Africa team is experienced in transforming even the vaguest safari expectations into a memorable experience. We can save you time, money, headaches and heartache by allowing us to help you plan your dream safari. We take pride in making sure your safari is safe, engaging and informative, so you can experience the magic of Africa’s wilderness with joy and complete peace of mind. 

  • Unlike most travel companies, we only offer fully customized, private-guided tours to Africa that allow you to have full control over your experience and all the flexibility you need to plan your daily game drives with your private driver, exclusive safari vehicle, and an English-speaking safari guide. Ultimately, you choose exactly what you’d like to do, when you would like to start your private safari trip, and where you’d like to go.
  • Our team has built strong relationships with Africa’s top camps, lodges and other local suppliers, allowing us to pass along our best rates to you.
  • Lucky for you, when we are in charge of your safari planning, you will never have to worry about how to obtain your visa, which flight route is best, what to prepare, or how to pack for your African safari (what to wear)!

Interested to hear more about our unique African wildlife safari and beach vacation ideas? Please call now at 1.315.805.4040 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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How to make the most of your next big vacation to Africa

In order to make the most of your time in Africa, we suggest that you visit at least three different parks. Each has its own ecosystem, animal population, and safari experience. Seven to fourteen days is the recommended length of time for a well-paced itinerary that will give you the ultimate African safari experience. To get a sense of our amazing tailor-made safari experiences from all over Africa, please watch our short video.

While the sample itineraries and Africa tours on our website are intended to provide inspiration and give you an idea of how to capture the beauty of African wilderness and touch the real heart of Africa, we will work with you to customize, tweak, and tailor your trip to a tee, so that you can start looking forward to your dreams. Why not create your own private Africa safari tours with our experts today?


Let us plan your dream safari adventure so that you can experience the beauty and wonder of this stunning continent in confidence and comfort. We are privileged to be part of this life-changing experience, making your dreams come true in style.

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