Our Passion For Travel - Why We Love African Safaris?

What motivates us to travel? It is through our passion for travel that we found our purpose, and a true ‘calling’ to help protect African wildlife through responsible tourism. With over fifteen years in the safari tourism industry, our founder was offering tailor-made African safari experiences in East Africa long before Wito Africa itself was born.

The Wito Africa Story – How We Got Started? 


Wito: what’s behind the name? Pronounced “wheat-o” is a Swahili word which simply means calling


“the African wilderness is calling!”

How Does a Passion for Travel Become a Calling?


Revealing Our Secrets …


Combining passion and purpose is one of our top secrets to crafting unforgettable heartfelt safari experiences for our clients. Wito Africa Safaris is dedicated to bringing luxurious one-of-a-kind safari experiences to guests from all over the globe!


Having discovered every nook and explored even the most remote corners, we focus on showing our clients the hidden details of the never-ending beauty of Eastern and Southern Africa. From the peaks and valleys of the African wilderness, we create extraordinary experiences capped with the excellent service of professional, friendly and adventurous private guides.


Falling in love with nature has never been easier when you experience the breathtaking world of the wild in motion. Our promise to our guests is that every travel experience that we create will be as unique as a zebra’s stripes. From start to finish, we work hard to ensure that every trip in the wild is personalized, authentic and life changing.


Most importantly, we take pride in making sure your safari is safe so you can experience the magic of the African wilderness with confidence and complete peace of mind


“Every calling is great when greatly pursued.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes



Meet the Founder and Managing Director

Passion For Travel | Founder | Luxury Trips To Africa | Wito Africa Safaris

At The Heart of the Untamed Wilderness We Found An Endless Passion for Travel


Coming from the north-eastern part of Africa, Tanzania, Abdullie Mfinanga grew up alongside fascinating creatures one would normally only watch on National Geographic and other wildlife channels.


Influenced by his whole family that was involved in the African Safari industry, he was naturally inspired by the beauty of the wild land and fell deeply in love with the incredible animals and surrounding Mother nature. The wild-world that Abdullie grew up in is filled with majestic safari animals like a tower of tall-necked giraffes, a march of gentle giant elephants, dazzling zebras, elusive big cats and even endangered rhinos!


It is through his recollection of such an unparalleled volume of wildlife roaming freely in vast sanctuaries without borders or fences that really ignited his desire to protect wildlife and his passion to show this raw beauty to the wider world through responsible tourism.

How Did We Turn Our Passion For Travel to An African Safari Company?

Wito Africa Safaris is an overflow of Abdullie’s natural passion for handcrafting once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and his genuine love for people, wildlife and conservation in Africa. Read More

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A mission to conserve and protect


Abdullie has been working in the industry for over 15 years; photographing beautiful landscapes, reaching the tallest mountain in Africa – the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, witnessing the glimmering white sandy beaches of Zanzibar and watching countless behind-the-scene encounters of diverse creatures in the wild ecosystem.He and his team of wildlife enthusiasts have developed a strong responsibility towards eco-tourism, finding never-ending new ways to improve the local welfare and to increase the protection of various endangered species.

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Giving Back to Our Community!


“In my world, not many native Tanzanians get an opportunity to run their own business, a chance to go to high school/college, let alone get an education abroad; so I want to make mine meaningful and make a difference in the lives of women and children in Tanzania through sustainable tourism. I am making a contribution out of every safari sold towards sponsoring students and families who cannot afford to send their children to secondary school due to limited household income.“

~ Abdullie Mfinanga, Founder.

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