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Jozani Forest, Prison Island & Zanzibar Spice Tour


A labyrinth of alleys amid whitewashed houses reveals a treasure around every corner 

Stone Town Guided Tours to Discover the Wonders and Mysteries of Zanzibar!

Do you want to tour and discover Stone Town, Zanzibar? The capital of Zanzibar, Stone Town is both fascinating and disorientating. A labyrinth of alleys amid whitewashed houses reveals a treasure around every corner! Here are some unique ideas for day trip tours that can be arranged for you around the stunning Zanzibar Island:

Top Five Day Trip Tours Around Stone Town & Zanzibar Island:

Kwale Island

This is the perfect way to appreciate the unique harmony of sea and landscape that makes the island of Zanzibar so magical. You will discover Menai Bay from the deck of a traditional dhow, and watch the vibrant community of dolphins swim, leap and play. When you reach the dazzling stretch of sand, you will disembark for an unforgettable guided snorkeling tour. Sailing on to Kwale Island, you will enjoy a BBQ lunch on the beach, with a mouth-watering array of tropical fruits to follow. You might even get the chance to visit a “century-old” baobab and to swim in the clear waters of the mangrove forest.

Prison Island Tour From Stone Town

You will travel to Prison Island on a traditional dhow, sailing across the glittering waters of Zanzibar from Stone Town harbor. Walking from the stunning white sands of the beach, it will only be a matter of minutes before you’re greeted by the local tortoises, who have inhabited the island for over 150 years. After a fascinating visit to the old prisons, breakfast will be served, followed by a refreshing dive or snorkel in the crystal clear waters. Immersed in a world of color and life, you will be surrounded by vibrant fish and spectacular corals. A fish and meat BBQ will follow, including a range of local dishes, which you can enjoy in the shade of a “kanga”.

Jozani Forest Tour

A largely untouched landscape of over 2,400 hectares, Jozani Forest is the only primeval forest on the island of Zanzibar and is home to a huge number of Red Colobus and Diademed monkeys. As you wind your way through the magnificent mahogany, plane trees, ferns, and other luscious vegetation, you will find that these creatures are not hard to spot due to their size and bold colors. In fact, their natural curiosity often sees them edging ever closer to their human visitors. The icing on the cake will be a tour of a vast mangrove swamp.


This small fishing village gives a glimpse into the everyday life of the people of Zanzibar, and it is from here that you will set out on a small motorboat for your half-day trip. This is an ideal experience for those who love snorkeling and open water swimming, but the real stars of the show are the dolphins. Your boat will be captained by an experienced fisherman and guide who will be able to bring you up close to these exquisite creatures without interfering with their natural rhythms and behavior.

Zanzibar Spicy Tour

Delving deeper inland, you can get a real taste for the age-old traditions, customs and culture of the people of Zanzibar. This half-day guided tour takes you into one of the local villages, as well as spice cultivations and orchards, where the farmers will share their secrets and you will get a real sense of the passion for spices that is the very foundation of this civilization. Following a complimentary tasting of fresh and juicy tropical fruits, you will have the opportunity to buy some of these rich and aromatic spices from the producers themselves, as well as other handcrafted local products, as a souvenir of this vibrant and secluded paradise.


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