Greystoke Mahale National Park

Crowd-Free Greystoke Mahale Mountains National Park

Not into crowds? Neither are we! Greystoke Mahale offers a truly once in a lifetime experience for those travelers who seek unique adventures in secluded areas, far, far away from the crowds. Located in western Tanzania, Greystoke Mahale Mountains National Park borders the glistening waters of Lake Tanganyika. The jewel in its crown is that it is home to a population of around 900 wild chimpanzees – some of the last of their kind in Africa. They are well accustomed to human visitors, thanks to a Japanese research project founded in the 1960s. You will find that just being in their presence is a magical experience. You can watch a short 60 second video of our firsthand experience in Mahale here.

Getting to Greystoke Mahale Mountains & Activities

Mahale Mountains National Park is a paradise filled with exhilarating experiences. Once you arrive at Mahale by bush plane, you will take a motorized boat to get to your amazing property along the shoreline of Lake Tanganyika. At Mahale, guests can experience a diverse range of activities–from close encounters with chimpanzees in their natural habitat, walking safaris, guided hikes to Mount Nkungwe, swimming, fishing, snorkeling and so much more. While not a traditional game drive destination, the uniqueness of the Mahale Mountains National Park experience can best be combined with a traditional safari at Katavi National Park where visitor traffic is low. You can choose to add Mahale as an extension to your safari if you are already visiting the popular national parks in the Northern Safari Circuit (i.e. Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater).  Read More

Greystoke Mahale Mountains Chimpanzee Gallery

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