Ruaha National Park

Private Guided Ruaha National Park Safaris & Adventures

Our private guided Ruaha National Park safaris will take you on a journey to the almost untouched ecosystem filled with some rare and endangered species that you won’t see at other parks. Ruaha National Park is the second largest national park in Tanzania covering an area of about 20,226 sq km and is located in central Tanzania. Close to Ruaha, there are a few other protected areas named Rungwe Game Reserve, usanga Game Reserve and Kisigo Game Reserve.

The park is named after the Great Ruaha River, which is 475 km long, and one of the main reasons the park is exceptional for game viewing. The Great Ruaha River, as well as Mwagusi, Jongomero and Mzombe, flow between beautiful undulating hills. The semi-arid vegetation is dominated by baobab and acacia trees, but over 1,650 plant species have been identified in the park.

The Best Time to Visit Ruaha National Park

The highlights of Ruaha National Park safaris are best experienced during the dry season as it is easier to spot wildlife and access the park. The dry season lasts from late June to October with the last rains ending in April. Ruaha River flows along its South-Eastern margin and is the main hangout area for most animals that come around for drinking water. This makes it one of the remarkable spots for viewing the big game in Africa.

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Ruaha National Park Wildlife Gallery

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