Selous Game Reserve

The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Best Safari in Tanzania's Selous Game Reserve

Want to experience an unparalleled Selous Game Reserve Safari in Tanzania?

Spanning 50,000 km2, Selous is Africa’s largest and oldest game reserve and is a breathtakingly beautiful setting for your game viewing expedition. In comparison (wildlife-to-visitor ratio) to the famous Serengeti National Park, there’s a lot to see in Selous and only a handful of other visitors that can be seen at any one time. Thanks to lagoons and channels from the mighty Rufiji River, the lush landscape draws in the game and other wildlife towards the end of the dry season (from July to mid-November) so this is the best time to plan your visit.

With the Rufiji River wandering through the heart of the reserve, you will be rewarded with an exceptional boat safari and the serenity of the riverside scene. Most of the camps and lodges are based around these water sources, giving you every opportunity to get the most out of your adventure.

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