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Without a doubt, exploring the magic of Tarangire National Park safaris and activities is a thrilling experience, especially during the dry season (July to October)!

From the moment you set foot in Tarangire National Park, a sense of serenity overcomes you – thanks to the open spaces, strewn with baobab and acacia trees, set against the breathtaking views of the Maasai Steppe and the southern mountains.

Additionally, Tarangine National Park safaris are home to the greatest concentration of wildlife outside the Serengeti, and your game viewing experience will be one-of-a-kind.

Seasons, Wildlife & Landscape of Tarangire National Park

Getting its name from the Tarangire River which flows through it, Tarangire National Park is the sixth-largest national park in Tanzania. It is situated in Manyara Region covering a region of around 2,850 square kilometers (1,100 square miles).

At Tarangire National Park, you will see a large network of swamps that provides an important water body and sanctuary for a variety of wild animals including buffalo, giraffe, elephant, African wild dog, Thompson’s gazelle, greater and lesser kudu, eland, leopard and cheetah.

The two main seasons in Tarangire

Before the rains, hordes of gazelles, wildebeests, zebras, giraffes, impala and buffalo migrate to Tarangire National Park’s scrub plains to graze and drink from the shrinking lagoons. It also boasts one of the highest population densities of elephants in the whole of Tanzania.

When the rains come, the migratory visitors scatter more widely, but herds of up to 300 elephants are hard to miss in any season!

Moreover, if you look closely into the trees you might spot a python, or even a lion or leopard lounging in the branches. Both seasons result in incredible experiences for visitors on our Tarangire National Park safaris.

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