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Tanzania (East Africa) is ready for you!

August 4, 2020 0 comment

Tanzania is ready for you to explore and experience a safari again!

Planning a Tanzania safari? The unpredictable waves of COVID19 have made safari planning very difficult for many potential travellers, several concerns and a fear of the unknown arise from every corner of the globe.

While we cannot control what people fear, we know that the Tanzanian wilderness is safer than the US (and most western countries) right now just in terms of the intensity of the pandemic. We have been working closely with the government of Tanzania to accommodate a safe safari for all guests who wish to travel and escape the craziness of COVID-19 from their home countries.

The tourism sector in Tanzania has taken measures to ensure that travellers are infection free both upon entering and exiting the country.

Please watch this short video from the Tanzania Tourist Board showcasing all the safety and health measures that have been implemented to ensure everyone continues to keep safe from the spread of the virus whilst enjoying the stunning beauty of Tanzanian wildlife and wilderness.

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How to Safely Travel to Tanzania For Your Safari

With that in mind, I thought I would explain a few steps that are being taken to safely allow you to resume travel to Tanzania this year:

  • All travellers entering the United Republic of Tanzania will need to provide proof (a certificate from an approved laboratory in a departure country) that they have been tested within 72 hours before arrival and they are NEGATIVE from COVID-19.
  • While there will be no 14 days mandatory quarantine, all travellers whether foreigners or returning residents entering or leaving the United Republic of Tanzania will be subjected to enhanced screening for COVID-19 infection.
  • Travelers with signs and symptoms related to COVID-19 may undergo tests in appointed public hospitals and private clinics located across Tanzania and Zanzibar. It costs between $50-100 USD per COVID testing, per person. The test results will be provided within 72 hours of taking the sample. For NEGATIVE COVID-19 results, a certificate will be provided so travellers can use it as proof to travel to their next destination without any further interruption. 
  • Strict infection Prevention and Control measures are still to be followed; physical distancing, hand hygiene and mask wearing all remain mandatory
  • All international arriving passengers shall dispose-of their masks after use during travel at designated waste collection containers upon arrival 
  • Airports have installed hand sanitizers at multiple locations 
  • All arriving/departing air operators must provide Advance Passenger Information to allow the Points of Entry Authorities to prevent possible high-risk passengers

Please note that some of these procedures are subject to change as the situation develops, and whenever we get more updates from the Tanzanian government and other stakeholders such as the World Health and tourism organizations.

We will continue to keep you posted whenever deemed necessary or should there be any important news that would impact your trip in one way or the other.

To conclude, all travellers whether foreigners or returning residents entering the United Republic of Tanzania will need to provide proof that they are COVID-19 free at the time of entry. Every effort possible will be done to keep tourists safe whilst they enjoy their stress-free vacation in Tanzania.

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Trained Staff to Safely Service Guests In the Pandemic

Our team in Tanzania has undertaken extensive training to safely service guests who wish to spend time on safari and beach vacation in Tanzania. The training is in line with the Ministry of Health Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MoHCDEC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Your Safety & Health is Our Top Priority

Wito Africa Safaris and our accommodation partners in Africa continue to ensure that the health of our guests, local community and staff is a top priority. With everything that has been done to ensure your safety and that of the local people, we hope you will be in a better position to make a well-informed decision regarding travel in ‘the new normal’. If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding your journey to Africa with us, please let us know!

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